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Brush Off the Seeds
Brush Off the Seeds
Available as a Sticker
4.25 x 5.25

Brush off the Seeds from your shoes / clothing / gear to prevent the spread of invasive plants!

Have you seen our local mule buck with the fleshy skins tags? Malnutrition is a sincere concern amidst our neighborhood ungulate population. This leads to a variety of health risks, from susceptibility to mites, mange, and chronic wasting disease.

The introduction of Kentucky bluegrass (not originally from Kentucky at all, but brought over from Europe and northern Asia) arrived with the wealthy socioeconomic status of upkeep and resources related to the ‘immaculate lawn’ ~ a purely ornamental, performative gesture.

The problem with turf grass is that it provides no nutrition and outcompetes native flora to thrive and sustain the variety of creatures who require healthy and sustainable habitat to thrive.

Replacing Kentucky bluegrass with blue bunch wheat grass, crested wheat grass, or rough fescue ~ to start ~ are viable alternatives. Or adding these varieties of plants to your lawn to encourage vitality and proper sustenance for our local wildlife.