• Touching Our Common Ground

    Touching Our Common Ground

    There is a great entangled complication of belief systems that collide and conflict and restrict, resulting in devastating habitat loss and ecocide ~ severence, disassociation, social divisions, environ(mental) disharmony ~ so who, what, were, are our first teachers, our consistent collaborators, who taught us, teach us, beyond time ~ celestial orientations, consciousness-expanders, boundary communicators, medicine providers, duality / unity / diversity stories, life giving / abundance beings: those who made us and gave us sustenance and communications, who threaded us thru the dimensions where Spirit & Ancestors thrive and weave us into interconnected enchantment ~ we are, comparatively, humbly, a young species on this planet and our greatest unifying force is the source we belong to, designed to return to, worth our every waking instinct to be attuned to. Somewhere, down your own spiraling familial line, whatever your colour or flavor, were People who knew the land, prayed with the land, moved with the land, loved the land, who understood their wild will rhythms ~ and that sensitivity still stirs nature-ally within you. It looks different for everyone but the feeling is the same.

    Come Back! Put your hands to place, sense those roots.
    Co•Create. Co•Evolve. Co•Exist.

    Co•Exist ~ 7 1/2" x 3 3/4" outdoor-savvy stickers ~ $8.00 with 50% donated to a local Indigenous-led education / advocacy / storytelling source; Native Memory Project.

    Purchase a Co•Exist Sticker on Etsy.

    Share Our WyHome has been in my heart for years. I have a personal love and fascination with this land. There is a wealth of information and local lore about Wyoming that doesn’t always make it to the books. It lives through storytelling: a long conversation beholden by relations and intrigue. There is a desire to collect and keep a record and be inclusive with this information.

    I noticed that the average conversation about wildlife was limited in shared knowledge unless I was with those whose focuses are specifically founded around wildlife & habitat conservation. Share Our WyHome is my reach to make these topics more accessible to a broader audience beyond special interests. What makes Wyoming so remarkable is its local population of animal / floral / fungal diversity & roaming rolling open landscapes ~ the undulations of geological history so clear and obvious to witness, but not always easy to understand.

    Art, by this means, builds that bridge.

    The overall ambition with this gallery & journal is to invite other Artists who love and share Wyoming to have their artwork featured here, with litany to accompany the advocacy, and financial funding from the sales of their Art to channel towards a cause of their choosing.

    Fostering a safe place for education that is not gate keeping is key, here. With that comes the evolution of our language and how it is that we relate to the world around us. To be well-rounded, transparent, and honoring, always, the complexities of the Wild ~ the Wild that we are woven of too, and have lost the way to see and appreciate and listen.

    Wildlife & Land are our primary voices at Share Our WyHome. Dismissing the human-centric view of our nature cannot exclude the human experience that we are having with it, however. This site will therefore remain a collaborative entity. I consult with biologists and hunters and anglers and recreationists and weavers of all kinds from all backgrounds and we bond on our Love for this place and how it nurtures interpersonal & interspecies connection & mutualism.

    There is a common ground, and we are touching it together through the soils at our feet.

    Welcome. We are Belonging.