Share Our WyHome sparked with a local need for touching the common ground in service of wildlife and habitat advocacy within Wyoming. The purpose is to curate inclusivity & education For All & Everyone, with legislative and d-i-y resources, for bridging these intricate worlds with people who are otherwise unfamiliar with our more-than-human-kin who live here. By becoming better neighbors with these sensitive species and unraveling from the tangles of myths and misinformation so that they might thrive with or without us.

Share Our WyHome features a diverse collection of perspectives and resources through care-full communal collaborations.

Funds gathered from these Artworks are channeled towards grassroots education and habitat restoration projects.

Outside of Share Our WyHome, I am a full-time Artist & Wilderness Enthusiast. You can find the rest of my work at;

.: the Spiral Unwinding :.