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Don’t Fear Us, Respect Us
Don’t Fear Us, Respect Us
Available as a Sticker
4.25 x 5.25

Rattlesnakes prey primarily on rodents, but also rabbits, squirrels, birds, lizards, and frogs. Despite the unfavorable reputation with their venom, they are a necessary part of any desert ecosystem. Their shelters are rocky crevices and dark burrows ~ anywhere they can hide and be obscured.

The rattler is a clear communication tool that announces the presence and boundary of a rattlesnake. If you hear this song, step away, and walk in the opposite direction. Their top crawl speed is 5mph so they won’t run you down! The rattle is made of keratin, the same material as our hair and fingernails, and it forms a new notch every time a snake sheds its skin.

If you encounter a rattlesnake near or around your home, call Fish & Game to have the snake removed and relocated.
The snakes were here first!
If you panic and kill it ~ well, sometimes that is just the way it goes.

If you are bit by a rattlesnake:
stay calm, and seek immediate medical attention.
(A folk remedy for snake bites that may slow down the spread of venom is to apply a wet poultice of pure tobacco to the area of the bite.)